Beijing Duck

Xi Jinping, China, Hong Kong protests, Beijing Duck, political cartoon

The Pickle

Baseball, Lockdown, rundown, pickle, six feet, political cartoon

Barr of Justice

William Barr, Department of Justice, figure of Justice, Trump Justice, Roger Stone case, political cartoon

Tulsa History

Trump, Oklahoma, racism, Tulsa, Trump campaign, covid threat, dynamiting the outhouse, political cartoon

Chinese Fight Indians

Chinese and Indian Troop, fight on border, clubs and stones, political cartoon


Trump, Wm Barr, executions, death penalty, binge watching, political cartoon

Jefferson Davis Statue

Jefferson Davis, statues, Trump, Trump baby balloon, political cartoon


Looters, corporate money, government bailouts, political cartoons

Old Man Pushed

Uncle Sam, Buffalo protests, old man pushed to apvement, politc violence, political cartoon

Senator Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton, R-AR, SS troop, military againt covilians, political cartoon