Trump, selfie, Fox News, political cartoon

Mitch in the Swamp

Mitch McConnell, Drain the Swamp, political cartoon

University Admissions

University Admissions, scandal, faked test scores, political cartoon

Paul Manafort Blameless

Paul Manafort, Trump campaign, Judge Ellis, “blameless life”, prison, politiocal cartoon

Hard Irish Brexit

Irish Border, Brexit,Battle of the Boyne, IRA, political cartoon

Leave the Gun

Godfathermovie, Part 4, Trump Mob, Take the Cannoli, political cartoon

Trump Country Again

Trump Country, Michael Cohen testimony, political cartoon

Romance Today

Romance, iPhones, texting, inappropriate sex, political cartoon

Mrs.May at the Bar

Brexit, Theresa May, closing time, no deal brexit, political cartoon

Starving Venezuela

Venezuela, Maduro, morale, starvation, until morale improves, political cartoon