Sheldon and Christie

Sheldon Adelson, Chris Christie, occupied terriChristieAdelmantories, political cartoon

Putin on Phone

Putin, phone call, one ringy dingy, political cartoonPutinCalling Obama

GM Switch Failure

GM fault, recalls, ignition switch, politicsCongress And Cobalts

GOP in Vegas

GOP candidates, Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson, political cartoonOur Boys in Vegas


The Clintons Enjoy

Clintons, Bill, Hillary,. Chelsea, 2016 elections, political cartoonClintonsEnjoyLife

Regional Power Russia

Obama, Merkel, Russia regional power, political cartoonRussia Regional Power

G-8 Caviar

G8 talks, caviar, no Putin, Cameron, Obama, Merkel, political cartoonNoCaviarThisYear

Nobody Knows Anything

Malaysian Airlines 337Where's the Plane?, lost plane, theories, political cartoon


Putin's Rubles

Putin, rubles, Czar Peter the Great, political cartoonSave Your Rubles