WW3 Distraction

John Bolton, Trump, distraction, Strangelove, WW3, political cartoon

Get Ready for Cold Weather

Cold Weather, kid’s clothes, political cartoon

Back Tattoos

Tattoos, Roger Stone, Nixon tattoo, Ann Coulter, Trunk Administration, political cartoon

Sorry Folks

Nothign to See Here, Trump, GOP, Trump loss of Dem House, political cartoon


Get Me Roger Stone

GetMeRoger Stone, Roger Stone, Robert Mueller, Trump, political cartoon

Wilbur Ross Helps

Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, govt shutdown, furloughed govt employees, get a loan, political cartoon

Michael Cohen Jail

Michael Cohen, jail, take a bullet for Trump, political cartoon

Bolton on the War

Syria, US, withdraw, Trump, Bolton, Putin, political cartoon


Trump, Exit, Brexit, Trexit, poitical cartoon

Shrinking President

Trump, Shrinking president, political cartoon