McConnell Chicken Farm

McConnell, US Senate, chickens, thinking about the future, political cartoon

Trump Lincoln Memorial

Trum complaints, Lincoln Memorial, hostile press, Lincoln, political cartoon

China Proof

Trump, China, virus, COVID, political cartoon

Meat for the Hyenas

Trump Base, Red Meat, meat production, political cartoon

Sarcasm Hats

Maga, Make Alerican Great Again, sarcasm, political cartoon

Dr. Clorox

Dr. Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Clorox, political cartoon

Help for Business

Bigger small business, government bailouts, covid money, political cartoon

Hair and Tattoos

Brien Kemp, Georgia, open for business, relaxed sequesterization, COVID19, bowling alleys, beauty parlors, tattoo parlors, Georgis girls, political cartoon

Search for Blame

Trump, Stephen Miller, someone to blame, White House, political cartoon

The Classroom

Loyal Teacher, Mrs. Brown, COVID, school, nice and quiet, political cartoon