Starvation in Yemen

Saudi Yemen War, starvation as weapon, political cartoon

Roy Moore Savior

Roy Moore, Christian, young girls, Alabama, GOP, political cartoon

Trump Hunters

Trump Boys, Big game trophies, Eric Trump, Don Trump Jr., Republican Party, political parties

Dealing with the Chinese

Trump. trip to China, Success in China, political cartoon

Wiki and Sticky

Julian Assange, Donald Trump jr., Wikipedia, political cartoon

Meet Duterte

Trump, Duterte, Philippines, Philippine government killings, political cartoon

Young Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore, 14 year old girls, Republican sex scandal, political cartoon

We Believe Putin

Putin, Russian Hack, Trump, political cartoon

Putin School of Journalism 3

Putin School of Journalism, killing reporters, political cartoon

Trump and Xi

Trump, Xi Jinping, diplomacy, Mao Tse-Tung, political cartoon