The Classroom

Loyal Teacher, Mrs. Brown, COVID, school, nice and quiet, political cartoon

Constitution Uses

Trump, Constitution of the US, TP, toilet paper, political cartoon

New York Borough Sisters

New York City, DeBlasio, Cuomo, five boroughs, political cartoon

Fifth Horseman

Four Horsemen of he Apocalypse, Fifth Horseman, war, pestilence, famile, death, stupidity, Trump, political cartoon

The Graham Doctrine

Lindsey Graham, payments to out of work people, racist policies, South Carolina, poilitical cartoon

Dr. Trump's Patient

Trump, Coronavirus crisis, death, political cartoon

Little Orphane Ivankie

Ivank Trump, Jared Kushner, Little Orphan Annie parody, political cartoon

Easter Deadline

Trump, COVID deaths, Easter promise, death, political cartoon

War Cartoonist

Trump, War President, War Cartoonist, political cartoon

King Kong Update

New York City, King Kong, Empire State Building, N95 mask, political cartoon