Gay Conversion

Gay Conversion, Obama, political cartoonConvert Gays

Presidential Fathers

Presidential Candidates’ fathers, GHW Bush, Ron Paul, Raul Cruz, political cartoonCandidates'Fathers

Jeb Bush Hispanic

Jeb Bush, claims Hispanic, Don Quixote, political cartoonJeb Bush Hispanic

Netanyahu Terror

Netanyahu, Israel, Iran deal, Likud, political cartoonIsraeliLeadership

Congressional Kitchen

Iran Peace Deal, Nuclear Deal, US Congress, Boehner, McConnell, political cartoonCongressional Kitchen

Wedding Cake Nazis

Indiana, religious freedom, gay marriage, political cartoonIndiana Wedding Cakes


Indiana Gays

Indiana, Pence, gays, Religious Freedom Act, political cartoonSmart Hoosiers

GOP Candidates

GOP Candidates, Jesus on cross, Rubio, GOPCandidatesRand Paul, Jeb Bush, political cartoon

Fraternities Fight Back

College Fraternities, SAE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fraternities Fight Backracism, Oklahoma University, political cartoon

The War in the Mideast

War, Mideast, Yemen, Saudis, Egypt, Isis,  US troops,Yemen Situation political cartoon