Cheney Thanksgiving

Mary Cheney, Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, Wyoming, thanksgiving, political cartoonCheneyThanksgiving

Geithner Joins Wall Street

Tim Geithner, Wall Street, Treasury Secretary, Warburg PiGeithnerToWallStreetncus, political cartoon


Driving Miss Lindsey

Lindsey Graham, Obama, nominations, driving miss daisy, Driving Miss LindseyUS Senate, political cartoon

Palin and the Pope

Sarah Palin, Pope Francis, pope is a liberal, political cartoonPalinPopeIsALiberal

Hillary and Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, too big to fail, 2016 election, political cartoonClintonAndWarren

Avigdor Lieberman Israeli Foreign Minister

Avigdor Lieberman, Netanyahu, Israel, foreign minister, warlike, political cartoonAvigdorLiebermanBack

Colorado Pot Tax

Colorado, tax on marijuana, political cartoonColoradoPotTax


The Jersey Hustler

Chris Christie, The Hustler, pool, GOP presidential candidates, 2016 election, Rick Perry, political cartoonJersey Hustler

Ray Kelly at JP Morgan Chase

Ray Kelly, NYPD Chief, JP Morgan Chase, stop and frisk, political cartoonRayKellyJPMorgan


Chris Christie's Mirror

Chris Christie, New Jersey, presidential campaign, pChristieSupermanolitical cartoon