Putin and Ukraine

Putin, Russia, Ukraine, European Union, political cartoonPutinAndUkraine

Pope and the Rich

Pope Francis, rich and poor, Roman Catholic church, political cartoonPopeCapitalism


Thanksgiving 2013 Afghanistan

Thanksgiving, 2013, US troops, US Afghan policy, political cartoonThanksgiving Afghanistan

Netanyahu and Obama

Netanyahu, Obama, US-NetanyahuMistakeIran policy, sanctions, political cartoon


GOP African American Outreach

GOP, Republicans, African American Outreach, political cartoonGOP African American Outreach

Clinton Medal of Freedom

Clinton, Obama, Medal of Freedom, political cartoonObamaClintonMedal

Reid and McConnell

Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, cloture rule, filibuster, US Senate, political cartoonLoveTheBomb


Re-branding the GOP

Chris Christie, Re-branding GOPChristieRe-branding, moderates, political cartoon

OnlIne Sheldon Adelson

SheldonAdelsonOnLineSheldon Adelson, on line gambling, political cartoonKarzaiLetsUSStay

Staying in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Karzai, US troops, political cartoonKarzaiLetsUSStay