Worse Than Assad

Syria, Assad, US forces, ISIS, political cartoonWorseThanAssad

White House Fence Climber

White House Fence, Obama, fence climber, secret service, political cartoonFence Climber


Boots on the Ground

US troops, Iraq, ISIS, ISIL, infantry, boots on the ground, political cartoonBoots on the Ground

Scotch and Oil

Scotland independence, vote, UK, political cartoonBetterTogether

Palin Brawl

Sarah Palin, Palin Family, snowmobile brawl, political cartoonPalin Brawl

Date Rape

Date Rape, sex on campus, no means no, political cartoonNO Means No


Former Dogs of War

Cheney, War against ISIS, GW Bush, dogs of war, FormerDogsofWarpolitical cartoon

Scotland Independent

Scotland Independence, UK, political cartoonScottishIndependence3

Cheney Advises the GOP

Dick Cheney, GOP, war against ISIS, political cartoonCheneyReturns3

McCain and Graham

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, wMcCain and Grahamar hawks, political cartoon