Kneeling for Puerto Rico

Pence, VP, Kneeling, Kneelers, church, Puerto Rico, political cartoon

Boy Scouts and Girls

Boy Scouts, girls, gender equality, political cartoons


Trump, ACA, Health Care, poor people, political cartoon

Paul Ryan in Action

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Trump garbage, political cartoon

Trump IQ Test

Trump, Tillerson, “moron”, IQ test competition, political cartoon

Investigating Russia

Mueller Investigation, Russia, Putin, Miranda Warning, political cartoon

Paper Towels for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Trump, throwing paper towels,

The Hacker

Russian Hacking, US, Uncle Sam, Duck and Cover, computer espionage, political cartoon

The Croupier

NRA, roulette, gun control, political cartoon

Keep Your Head Down

Las Vegas shootings, Congress, gun control, NRA, political cartoon