Back to School

Back to School, summer 2014, knowledge, political cartoonBack tp School

Scotland Forever

Scotland Independence, bagpipes, political cartoonScottish Independence

Enemy of Everyone

Enemy of my Enemy, ISIS, Iraq, Islamic Republic, political cartoonISIS ORDERS


Rick Perry in New Hampshire

Rick Perry, New Hampshire primaries, “oops!”, political cartoonRickPerry in NH

Ukraine Mistake

Russia v UUkraine Mistakekraine, mistake, invasion, political cartoon

Moscow Smuggling Happy Meals

MoscowPutinMcDonald's, Russia, Putin, McDonald’s, political cartoon

War and Youtube

War, Youtube videos, Foley, beheading, political cartoonInternetAtrocities

Rick Perry Indicted

Rick Perry, Texas, indictment, 2016 primariesRick Perry Indicted


Hillary Hugs

Hillary Clinton, hugs, Obama, political cartoonTerrorHugs

Ferguson Police

Ferguson Missouri, police, race, political cartoonCops and Race